Our weekly video series will help you prepare and understand the Personal Trainer Food program. Our main goal is to educate you so you experience both short and long term weight loss results. When you understand what to expect when changing routines, your chances of success increase by a lot.

Video #1 - Before You Receive Your Food

How to Lose 10-20lbs in 2 weeks...seriously

**We have professional weight loss coaches who are here to help you. Their main goal is to answer any questions you may have and to help you achieve your target results. Don't be shy, everyone has questions and often needs clarification. We highly recommend you take advantage of this FREE service. Your weight loss coach will call you each week to help you prepare for the upcoming week. Studies show that people who have accountability with their weight loss have 3-4 times the success over those who 'go it alone'. Our staff of weight loss coaches have all experienced the Personal Trainer Food program. They know what you are going through. To speak with a weight loss coach, please call us at 1-800-273-1686 x102

Understanding the truth in weight loss...facts and fiction.


Follow these steps to begin...
If you follow Personal Trainer Food (only) and include daily exercise, 7 days a week, you WILL lose 2-5% (likely more) body fat in 4 weeks.
Fast for 24-48 hours, drinking only water, coffee, diet drinks.
Clear out Your Freezer.
Remove the 'Wrong' foods: crackers, bread, candy, desserts, colas, fruit juices, sugars, simple starches, processed foods.
Purchase more 'Right' foods: Favorite lunch meat, cheeses, fresh vegetables, Ranch, etc.
Begin walking 10 minutes a day, 7 days a week. Set up an inexpensive treadmill with TV. We have proof this one step will work miracles.
Throw away the scale, you must not let the mental game of weight loss fool you.
Ignore the noise! TV experts, Marketing ads, the 'latest' diet fad, etc.
And last, take a before picture of yourself. We have found this is a huge motivator and indicator.
Be patient and focus on routines right now...not on weights and dates.
Contact our weight loss coaches at any time if you have questions or need encouragement. 1-800-273-1686