So all you have to do is heat and eat? No prepping, cooking or calorie counting?

Super convenient, tried and true program

Personal Trainer Food works because our program is designed and tested to give you ultimate convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness.

There is no thinking, no guesswork, and no more wasted time or weight loss frustration. You don’t have to waste time counting calories, prepping and cooking. And no shopping! Your complete meals are delivered to your door, frozen, ready to be stored in your freezer.

Personal Trainer Food is easy to do. Just three minutes in the microwave for each pre-cooked frozen meal is all it takes for you to lose weight and get on with your busy day.

Imagine, healthy meals already on hand ready in just 3 minutes! Now that’s convenient!

If you believe that time is money, you'll love Personal Trainer Food.


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Just 1-2 minutes in the microwave. No dried food to add, no hot water. None of the usual gimmicks, just good wholesome food. -- rsml

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