28 days of great tasting, large portioned food along with simple, recommended exercises delivers the results men can count on. RECON™ is designed to fuel your body, burn fat, and build muscle.

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Great Tasting Protein Packed Meals

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Angus Burger
Cranberry & Cognac Chicken Sausage
Western Omelet & Maple Sausage
Teriyaki Chicken
Gluten Free Breaded Chicken & California Medley Vegetables
Meatballs with Onions

Mike Starks
CEO, Personal Trainer FoodTM

I want to share with you my plan for how I easily maintain 7-9% body-fat and keep in shape, even at age 52. I haven't always been this way. 18 years ago, I weighed 225 lbs, was out of shape, and had no energy. Each year I would join the gym to get in shape, but the killer workouts and diet fads never got the long-term results I wanted.

I finally realized the key to getting and staying in great shape is this: eating the right foods and exercising need to be simple, consistent routines that only take a few minutes per day. I ignored the noise and misinformation in the media and stayed focused on my simple routines. I immediately saw results and now RECON is my way of life.

Winning a war is not about will power, it's about strategy.
This is RECONTM: your strategy for success.

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AVELINO, Age 43 Lost 52 lbs

MANNY, Age 46 Lost 22 lbs

TED, Age 48 Lost 55 lbs

GRAYSON, Age 49 Lost 35 lbs

BRUCE, Age 52 Lost 33 lbs

JOEY, Age 31 Lost 37 lbs

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