How much room do I need in my freezer?

Choose a plan to fit your freezer

All our frozen meal plans have two delivery options to fit your freezer.

A 28-day day box of food (with interior dimensions of 21 cubic inches) will fit into most standard-sized freezers. If your freezer is on the smaller side, consider the 14-day subscription box (interior dimension of 17 cubic inches).

With Personal Trainer Food, you get flexible plans that fit your life, goals-- and freezer.

How long can I store Personal Trainer Food in my freezer?

Our food can remain good in your freezer up to 6 months from the date of delivery.

If you run out of room in your freezer, you can store 14-days of meats and breakfasts in your fridge

Just please don’t put the veggies in your refrigerator – that can make them soggy.


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I LOVE how in the morning I grab 2 bags out of the freezer, and there’s lunch for work! Don’t have to cook or anything like that. -- NZ

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