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Am I on my own, or do you offer support, motivation and guidance?

Expert advice, guidance and support – we’ve got you!

Every Personal Trainer Food meal plan comes with expert Weight Loss Coaches ready to ensure you get the best out of your program—at no extra charge! Personal Trainer Food also offers a mobile coach program where you get daily texts full of guidance, tips and motivation to keep you on track and getting maximum results! Mobile coach is available for a small fee. If you need motivation and guidance to lose weight, we're here to help.

Our customers are also loving our Facebook Support Group where you can ask questions and learn from other people going through a similar weight loss journey.

We’ve got answers to all your weight loss questions. Do you want to know how you can lose as much weight as possible before your big date or vacation? Are you wondering what to order at your favorite restaurant? Maybe you need help to break through a stubborn plateau? Do you want to know more about liquid fasts?

We have answers to those questions and more so you can get to your goal!

We want you to be successful. Contact one of our coaches today at 1-800-273-1686 x4, or email You can also chat or leave a message for us below.


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Seriously I could chat, talk, email with your staff all day… Heck, if I wasn't married, I'd probably want to marry a few of them. -– Happy Camper

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