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Healthy, Lean Workplaces: O'Brien Architects Wellness Solution

Written by Janis Hauser

For Immediate Release

Fort Worth Texas, May 13, 2016 - Is work to blame for making you fatter?

It might be!

A 2016 Career Builder survey of 3,031 full-time workers found that 55% feel they are currently overweight-- and more than 2 out of 5 of them gained weight at their present job.

Obesity costs American businesses $147 billion a year in medical expenses and lost productivity.

Losing even just a few pounds of excess fat can have a significant impact on costly health risks such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

A solid corporate wellness solution can drive down health care costs while improving employee's ability to do their job.

Operating for 42 years, O’Brien Architects is an esteemed firm in Dallas known for their innovative design solutions.

Recognizing the importance of a healthy workplace, O'Brien has been implementing several initiatives to improve their employee's health. Most companies focus their wellness efforts on activity levels, smoking cessation, and health checks. But O'Brien is taking yet another avant garde step.

On May 13, 2016 O'Brien Architects accepted Personal Trainer Food’s Corporate Wellness Challenge to make simple changes in how they eat.

Over the course of four weeks, Personal Trainer Food and their skilled Weight Loss Coaches will help O’Brien Architects measurably improve their baseline health metrics.

“This puts O’Brien Architects at the top of the list as one of the healthiest employers in the area, giving them the competitive advantage in the industry.”

– Mike Starks, CEO and founder, Personal Trainer Food

Jack O’Brien, CEO and founder of O’Brien Architects, is not shy about leading by example. He will be doing the Wellness Challenge alongside his team.

As an exacting leader, Jack has high expectations for Personal Trainer Food's Challenge.

"This is going to be really good for O’Brien”

"This is going to be really good for O’Brien”

--Jack O'Brien

30% of O’Brien employees will use Personal Trainer Food’s healthy, pre-cooked meals of meats, eggs, vegetables, nuts, and cheeses.

Packaged in microwaveable bistro steamer bags, these real foods take less time to heat and eat than it does to run to the deli in the building.

This offers the architects, designers, and creative team healthy options for their breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Participants will also be encouraged to walk 20 minutes a day.

By doing this, will O'Brien employees turn the tables and blame work for their slimmer, healthier waistlines?

Stay tuned. The results will be published at the end of the Challenge.

Would your company like to get on board a Corporate Wellness Challenge with Personal Trainer Food?

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how!

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