Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a comprehensive list of answers to some of the most frequent questions Personal Trainer Food receives. If we have not addressed a question you may have, please let us know.

Personal Trainer Food is a 28 day healthy, weight loss meal plan. You customize your order online and FedEx delivers it to your door in a few days.
We use real, natural, great tasting foods only with meats, vegetables, eggs, cheese, and nuts. Our Food is fresh cooked then flash frozen to lock in the tenderness and great taste. There are no processed fillers like rice or noodles. Plus, these are not TV dinners or dehydrated products, it’s REAL food you get to mix and match individually packaged meats and vegetables for every meal. With over 800 meal combination possibilities, you will not get tired of our food.
If you are an NFL size person, yes. For the remaining 99.9% of the world, no. We don’t believe in the starvation method of weight loss. We believe in eating plenty of the right foods and avoiding all the wrong foods. When you transition from pasta, bread and desserts to natural foods on Personal Trainer Food, you may experience slight hunger the first week. After that, you will not be hungry.
You will average 2-6 pounds per week over an 8 week period if you eat only our food and avoid any cheating. However, there are various determining factors which can increase or decrease your results. Our weight loss coaches can help you achieve your specific goals.
*Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence.

We offer two ways to order; choose the one that fits your needs!

For our 28-day meal programs, we do not auto-bill or auto-ship. You can place your next order with us when you are ready to re-order. Most customers will re-order 3 weeks after their last order was received so they can schedule their food to arrive a day or two before they run out.

For your convenience, our 14 day subscription plans automatically renew every two weeks. Your last order will be duplicated by our system and we will process the charge for your Subscription Box three days before it ships out.

You may easily update your subscription preferences (menu, address, delivery date, etc) in your customer account.

NO! Unlike the other guys, we give you plenty of food so you don’t have to add anything to it.
As a matter of fact, in our complete program, we give you almost 60lbs of food while our leading competitor gives you around 30lbs of food.
On PTF you do not have to worry about calories because you are eating natural foods and none of the processed starchy fillers. This makes weight loss much simpler and much less stressful!
We only recommend apples during weight loss mode. However you will be best off to avoid any fructose sweetened item to maximize fat burn. Fructose may be low glycemic however it will stimulate the liver forcing it to create body fat.
We ship your 28 day supply in our proprietary cooler with dry ice using FedEx home delivery. Our handy shipping calculator lets you know when your food arrives plus you can change your delivery date to fit your schedule. We also deliver on Saturday’s at no extra charge!
Depending on what meal program and foods you choose, space will vary. However, 99% of the time the program will fit in a standard freezer. If you need extra space, you can always store up to 14 days of meats and breakfasts in the refrigerator. Storing the vegetables in the fridge will cause them to be soggy
If you are looking for a low sodium plan, simply avoid the breaded items when customizing your meal program. By doing this, you will stay within the recommended dietary guidelines.

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