How can I handle sugar cravings?

One of the reasons why Personal Trainer Food is so effective is because we do NOT offer a ton of fake desserts like other weight loss programs.

You may go through sugar withdrawals the first 24 – 48 hours. But once that’s over, you will find your craving for sugar starting to disappear.

To help with that initial craving for something sweet, we offer shakes low in sugar and high in other nutrients to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The beauty of Personal Trainer Food is that it trains your body to crave the right foods, not the wrong foods. So hang in there! It’s hard to believe, but those all-consuming sugar cravings may lose their control over you. How sweet is that!


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I’ve tried so many other diets, the food was horrible, weight loss would last about a week, then I’d pack it on again. I have never been so happy on a diet as I am with Personal Trainer Food. -- Kayla

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