How is Personal Trainer Food different from other weight loss meals programs?

It's real food for real life

Personal Trainer Food delivers real, healthy weight loss meals that unleash your metabolism so you can burn fat quickly and naturally. Many of our customers have tried other weight loss meal plans that didn’t work. Even if they lost weight, they put it right back on, and then some.

That's the Personal Trainer Food difference; other diet delivery companies skimp on real protein and add cheap starchy fillers like rice, pasta, and potatoes instead. We'll never do that, because starchy fillers have been shown to trigger overeating and fat storage.

It's a proven fact: the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat real foods. That's why we fill every box of Personal Trainer Food with meats, eggs, cheese, nuts, and veggies. These foods are similar to what we ate 50-60 years ago, before there was an obesity crisis in America. They are proven to naturally burn fat.

No fake meal replacements, no processed sugars and starches. Our commitment to you: Personal Trainer Food only delivers real, perfectly-prepared restaurant-quality foods that will lead you to long-term weight loss success.


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It’s fast, easy, and you don’t have to think. This is real food that people eat every day. -- Stephanie

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