It's Not YOU, it's the Food!

Eat the Right food, get the Right results within your first 2 weeks!*

*Results are not guaranteed and may vary based on several factors

Let's ask the 'food experts'....Firemen!

Everyone talks about their food. It's what we are all trying to sell. No one talks about the whole program or the re-order rate. We do.

We have the highest re-order rate ever in the diet food industry. Why? Because of taste, results and value. Bluntly put, our food is great, our program works, it's simple and affordable.

To prove our point, we asked a local firestation to taste test our food and to provide honest feedback. (none of our competitors would dare perform this test)

Don't be fooled by our low prices….we use the highest quality of natural food groups and we avoid the low cost processed fillers (rice, noodles, gravy) used by the competition.

Our Menu... scroll over to see nutritional information.

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Select 28

Cheddar Omelet + Maple Sausage
Western Omelet + Maple Sausage
Plain Omelet + Maple Sausage
Cheddar Omelet + Bacon
Frittata + Bacon
Plain Omelet + Bacon
Plain Omelet + Breakfast Sausage
Western Omelet + Breakfast Sausage
1 Plain Omelet + 1 Egg Patty
Cheddar Omelet & Breakfast Sausage
1 Egg Patty + 2 Maple Sausage
Egg Patty + Bacon
Frittata Omelet + Maple Sausage
Frittata Omelet + Breakfast Sausage
2 Egg Patties + 1 Breakfast Sausage
Breakfast Egg Rolls

Select 56

Broccoli Florets
Venice Blend
Mixed Vegetables
Cauliflower Florets
Green Beans
Normandy Blend
Yellow Squash
Green Zucchini
Fiesta Blend
Caribbean Blend
Garden Blend
PTF Blend
Capri Blend
Italian Blend
Italian Green Beans
Sicilian Blend
Scandinavian Blend
California Blend
Oriental Stir Fry
Brussels Sprouts
Lima Beans
Riviera Blend
Nantucket Blend
Omaha Blend
Seasons Mix
Key West Blend
Norway Blend
Sweet Garlic
Vegetable Sauce

Select 56

Nontaki Ginger Chicken
Mesquite Grilled Chicken Breast
Savory Chicken Strips
Breaded Chicken Patty
Angus Burger
Rotisserie Chicken Breast
Grilled Tender Chicken Breast
Teriyaki Chicken
Spicy Breaded Chicken Breast
Garlic Herb Chicken Breast
Cranberry and Cognac Sausage
Zesty Tenders
Apple and Gouda Juicy Sausage
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Patty
Chipotle Chicken Patty
Caliente! Chicken Breast Chunks
Monterey Jack Chicken Sticks 2 ct
Buffalo Style Breaded Boneless Wings
Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sticks 2ct
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sticks 2ct
Dillicious Chicken Fillet
Fajita Chicken for Salads
Meatballs Italian Style
Savory Cheeseburger Stick
Garden Turkey Burger
Butter Roasted Chicken Breast
Meatballs with Onions
Gluten Free Breaded Chicken
Adobo Chicken Breast
Zesty Italian Chicken Patty
Sesame Ginger Chicken Breast
Cajun Chicken Breast

Select 28

Smoked Almonds - 3 oz per day
Roasted Almonds - 3 oz per day
Sunflower Seed Kernels - 3 oz per day
Pistachio Nuts - 3 oz per day
Tangy BBQ Almonds - 3 oz per day
Pepperoni Bites - 2 oz per day
Pumpkin Seeds - 3 oz per day
Beef & Cheese Sticks -2 pks of 2 per day
Mozzarella String Cheese - 2 - 1oz sticks
Colby Jack Cheese Sticks- 2 - 1oz sticks
Salami Sticks - 2pks of 2 per day
Teriyaki Sticks - 2pks of 2 per day


Weight Loss: Over 150 lbs
Niki, weight loss coach at Personal Trainer Food, is on a mission to help guide as many as possible to weight loss success. Her passion steams from her own success of losing over 150 pounds and keeping it off for years. With her high energy, sense of humor and enthusiasm for living life to the fullest, Niki's dedication inspires many to take charge of their life.

Mother of two
Weight Loss: Over 100 lbs
Jan is a 13-year veteran in the fitness industry and has personally coached and trained thousands of people to live fit and healthy lives around the world. 100 pounds ago, she knew exactly what it is like to be obese, sick and unhappy, feeling like there was nothing that could be done about the excess fat she had gained. That is why she couldn't be happier to be a part of the Personal Trainer Food team today. She has successfully and permanently lost the fat using the principles of this program.

Mother of two
Weight Loss: Over 50 lbs
After having her two wonderful children, she could not manage to get the "baby weight" off. She wanted to be healthy and fit, not only for herself, but for her young children as well. Heather started eating using the Personal Trainer Food principles. Over the course of 6 months she lost nearly 50 lbs and had gained a newfound confidence and energy. Heather then became a certified personal trainer to help others achieve their weight loss goals.

Is a health "junky" and
an active hockey player
Michelle grew up playing competitive ice hockey and has always been interested in fitness and nutrition. After attending a prep school for student-athletes in Canada and upstate New York, Michelle was able to live her dream when she accepted a full-ride athletic scholarship to St. Lawrence University where she played Division 1 Woman’s Ice Hockey. Michelle maintains her weight by remaining active and eating the Personal Trainer Food way.

Mother of two
Weight Loss: Over 22 lbs and climbing!
After being told by her doctor she seriously had to lose weight, Maria started to focus on living healthier and changing my lifestyle. She continued to be a yo-yo dieter and then found Personal Trainer Food and has been using the program herself. She continues to motivate and be an inspiration for others who have been in her position.

Mother of two and engaged to be married
Weight Loss: 57 lbs
Amanda has two children under 4, works full time, and is engaged to be married in May. After having her second child, she constantly struggled getting any weight off and her weight crept up to 197 pounds. Before becoming a part of the Personal Trainer Food weight loss team, Amanda was selected and completed the Altered! competition. She lost 36 pounds in just 10 weeks with the REV program and 57 pounds and counting since starting her weight loss journey.

Professional Yoga Teacher
and Ski Iinstructor
Gunner has long had an interest in healthy eating and nutrition. As a professional Yoga Teacher and Ski Iinstructor, he had to find a way of eating that made it easy to maintain his weight and keep his energy sustained when engaged in these demanding activities for long periods of time. Through experimenting with his own eating habits and different dietary plans, Gunner found that eating along the Personal Trainer Food guidelines helped him to meet these goals.

Mother of one
Weight Loss: 20 lbs
Ana used to eat a lot of processed foods and hated breaking a sweat. After age 21, it started catching up to her and she started gaining weight. By taking baby steps and creating manageable daily routines of eating healthier foods and working out, she got in shape. She became certified as a personal trainer to show others that it is possible to transition from a sedentary lifestyle to a healthy active lifestyle. When Ana is not in the gym, she likes to frequent vintage shops as she is a big fan of all things 1930's,40's and 50's.